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A minor upgrade earlier in the week included a small change to the way Q-and-A forums work: Previously students, like teachers, could add new discussions to any forum. Now only teachers can launch a new discussion in a Q-and-A forum. Student contributions can be made only as replies to existing discussions initiated by a teacher.

Just two quick reminders for instructors at the start of the semester. To make your course available to students, please follow the demonstration or written instructions at: http://moodlelegacy.blogs.wesleyan.edu/how-to/change-course-availability/ Our scheduled downtime is from 6:15 to 6:45 every Tuesday morning.

The downtime mention in the previous post has been moved two weeks out. Please check with the ITS System Announcements blog for the latest information: https://itsinfo.blogs.wesleyan.edu

Important: Moodle users please take note! The following downtime announcement was originally posted on the ITS System Announcements blog: On Saturday morning, April 30, at 5AM there will be scheduled system maintenance to complete the major portion of the work required for our upgrade to the new Internet connection. This work is the most complex […]

It has recently come to our attention that recurring events in the Moodle calendar exhibited an unexpected behavior as we moved into Daylight Savings Time: the time for all events has shifted to be one hour later. The odd behavior should affect only recurring events that were created before the time change and that extend […]

Just a follow-up to the previous post. We have been able to resolve this on the server so that you should not encounter it. If you do run into this problem, please report it to us.

We just reorganized the course category listing on the main Moodle landing page. We made a little readjustment to keep current and upcoming semesters at the top.

What’s new?

We upgraded Moodle this past Saturday morning. For the most part the changes are minor, but there are at least two differences you may want to take note of. The procedure for uploading files to a course has gotten easier. You will now see an "upload" dialog directly on every screen in your course file […]

This is just a reminder that Moodle will be unavailable for a brief period on Saturday morning, March 12, 2011. The ITS maintenance window for changes to a number of services is between 8:00 AM and noon. We expect the changes specific to Moodle to take much less time than that. All the same, please […]

We made two improvements to our Moodle installation this morning: Flash cards We added a "Flash card" module. To use the module instructors can turn editing on for a course page and then choose "Flash Card Set" from the add-an-activity drop-down menu. Please get in touch with your Academic Computing Manager for additional assistance. Enhanced […]

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